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Fuel Management System Keys- TECALEMIT power basics

[Key fobs and reader or programmers is what we will briefly discuss in this entry.  TECALEMIT’s fleet fuel management software allows for the use of key fobs.  So when someone is looking for Fuel Management System Keys; often they are referring to a way for a driver to engage the system without having to physically enter a […]

12v Diesel continuous duty cycle transfer pump – Emergency ready

This pump was built for the long haul in mind… that is the main reason why the built quality and overall design is fully mechanical. This 12v Diesel continuous duty cycle transfer pump can not only run for several hours, but it also puts out a very healthy flow rate. When customers conducted onsite testing, […]

Hurricane Laura approaches our coast lines- Production and shipping update

Hurricane Laura approaches our coast lines so we are asking everyone in its path to stay safe. This is a fast moving storm, carrying a big punch. We do not know how this may disrupt any new or existing orders on the production side as well as shipping. Please stay close to your account managers […]

Hurricane preparedness – know your fuel management system in any emergency

Hurricanes and tropical storms always pose a danger for coastal lines where major damage and power outages can be overwhelming factors.  TECALEMIT’s 12v/24v fuel management systems are there to help you by keeping unauthorized personnel from refueling. In addition, our emergency ready 12v continuous duty diesel transfer pumps are always ready to keep your vehicles […]

TECALEMIT DEF dispensing options- DEF PRO Mini bulk tank

The DEF PRO All in One tank systems carry a broad range of options. Specifically on the dispense side where our lockable cabinets can be made to order. These TECALEMIT DEF dispensing options are geared towards helping solve a problem. In this case, the following Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispense option was designed to be married […]

Security groups for your fleet fuel management needs- powered by TECALEMIT

When you compare automated fleet management systems, one of the most basic items that you need to be looking at are the security groups built into the platform. These security groups for your fleet fuel management needs are important as they are the gate into understanding who is taking fuel and where it may be […]

Windshield washer mini bulk pump dispensing systems- 500 gallon tanks

Brief history; TECALEMIT entered the DEF mini bulk market by developing a robust yet economical mini bulk package to help marketers around North America be more efficient and to secure a healthier ROI.  These packages have now evolved over the years to work with Lube Oil, Coolant, and now windshield washer fluid.  Over these past […]

Fuel, Oil, DEF, Equipment support systems- powered by TECALEMIT

The title of this image says it all… I say that because we do leave it all on the line at the end of each day.  If you are contemplating a purchase, understand that TECALEMIT’s Fuel, Oil, DEF, Equipment support systems are there for a reason.  If we took these systems out of the equation, […]

500 gallon DEF tank dispensing package- fuel management ad-on

We make great hardware, that is what we are known for as an equipment manufacturer.  This is the true reason why you see so many configurations on Diesel Exhaust Fluid, and this 500 gallon DEF tank dispensing package is no different.  Here is the story:  Two diesel existing tanks on site (on road + offroad) where […]

The Ratio Behind the PK3HD and PK5HD Oil Lube Pumps

PK3HD and PK5HD Oil Lube Pumps

We are switching gears, literally, as we move to answer questions regarding our 3:1 an 5:1 oil pump bundles.  An explanation of TECALEMIT’s  PK3HD and PK5HD Oil Lube Pumps along with its pump ratios is on the docket today, highlighting what it really means when you hear the names PK3HD and PK5HD oil lube pumps.  Our goal is […]