12v Diesel continuous duty cycle transfer pump – Emergency ready

This pump was built for the long haul in mind… that is the main reason why the built quality and overall design is fully mechanical. This 12v Diesel continuous duty cycle transfer pump can not only run for several hours, but it also puts out a very healthy flow rate.
When customers conducted onsite testing, the biggest take away included the following:

Number one, the pump never got hot; it remained very cool to the touch and never overheated in a test that lasted for just over 120 minutes (forklift battery died). Number 2, the flow rate remained extremely consistent at mid 24-26 gpm when using a 1″ dispense hose.

if you want a fully mechanical 12v pump that just works, this is the one.  Make sure that you have a fully charged battery because this unit will eat every bit of it.  Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com

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