High Flow Diesel Transfer Pump Skid System- how do you want to be known?

A customer-driven high flow system providing an alternative fueling method.  When you have a specific goal you’re trying to accomplish and need a custom build equipment solution to reach it, look no further than TECALEMIT’s Special Projects Team! This High Flow Diesel Transfer Pump Skid System featured here was a custom package we recently completed.  The need:  A backup solution to dispense from ground to truck during the most critical times – natural disasters.  The need came to us with the idea of fabricating an alternative method of pulling diesel fuel from large 10,000 gallon storage tanks.  This custom package is simple yet effective pushing a good amount of diesel at 120 gpm and carrying a 2″ commercial diesel meter with digital face,.  In the end, empathy and execution have been part of our recipe, giving you exactly what you need.  Contact us today to see how we can help.  Let’s push the limits together and create your very own masterpiece!

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One thought on “High Flow Diesel Transfer Pump Skid System- how do you want to be known?

  1. Steve Zemper says:

    I have a jobber looking for a metered pump for injecting diesel additive into his line as they fill from bulk truck to bulk tank. It should be able to be pre-set for a given amount of additive. Any ideas ? Thanks

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