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TECALEMIT’s Special Projects – A Diesel Roth Tank

Special Projects

Why spend more money on a traditional steel tank when prices are high and inventory is low? The Roth tanks are double walled and come with a manufacturer warranty of 30 years, and we have a healthy stock on-hand, ready to be built for you.

TECALEMIT’s Best Portable Transfer Pump for Windshield Washer Fluid and Coolant

Portable Transfer Pump

We are thrilled to present the newest in our line-up of portable transfer systems, the PRO-5000 Ex. Proof!

TECALEMIT’s Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank – The Diesel PRO Mini+

Fuel Transfer Tank

Our mini bulk family of All In Ones is always expanding! The newest to join up is the Diesel PRO Mini+; a Roth tank paired with our industry-leading Hornet W85 diesel pump, an automatic nozzle, and our FMT3 flow meter!

TECALEMIT’s Fuel and Chemical Storage Tanks – Our Signature All In Ones

Fuel and Chemical Storage Tanks

TECALEMIT’s Fuel and Chemical Storage Tanks Our Signature All In Ones Our All in One family began with the DEFPRO All In One. This package was a great product for customers who needed a storage solution as well as a dispensing solution. All of our all-in-one systems are available to fit your needs, including the […]

TECALEMIT’s Specialty Transfer Systems – High Speed Process Water Pumps

Specialty Transfer Systems

Over the years, TECALEMIT has been part of some amazing projects. We don’t always talk about our projects, because some of them are very niche, but we wanted to share this exciting ultra-flow project we had a few years ago. Our customer approached us, asking us to create a system that would transfer process water at a rate of 250 GPMs; we began work on this project by first understanding the application.