Security groups for your fleet fuel management needs- powered by TECALEMIT

When you compare automated fleet management systems, one of the most basic items that you need to be looking at are the security groups built into the platform. These security groups for your fleet fuel management needs are important as they are the gate into understanding who is taking fuel and where it may be going.

TECALEMIT’s fuel management platform offers the following security groups: Driver Identification |  Vehicle Identification | Odometer/hours

Remember that you have the option to turn on/off some of these selections as needed. Those that only want to track your drivers, you can turn off Vehicle ID and Odometer. In typical fashion, if you have any other technical questions or need to have a demo scheduled to show you not only these details regarding these security groups for your fleet fuel management needs,  you can reach out to us on the web chat or by emailing us at


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