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110v portable lubricant transfer pump- TECALEMIT PRO5000 LINE

110v portable lubricant transfer pump The PRO5000 line from TECALEMIT is known for its robustness design and overall higher build quality for the long road ahead.  Specifically, the 110v portable lubricant transfer pump seen here, brings reliability to a higher level.   The built in bypass and quality motor and pump places this package above the […]

Fuel Management Reporting – Adding an external refueling entry

Fuel Management Reporting Today, we are quickly highlighting a feature that has been built into MyTecalemit cloud that can come in handy. Adding an external fueling entry could not be any easier on MyTecalemit cloud platform. This is important for those times that you absolutely have to fill up outside your organization.   This fueling entry […]

Bulk transfer oil pump systems – Tecalemit PRO6000 oil skids

Bulk transfer oil pump systems Congratulations on your new premium bulk oil transfer skid system! Following is a set of a steps that you should perform upon receiving your new system. 1. Always perform a full visual inspection to make sure no damage has occurred during shipping.  We cannot stress this enough so take the […]

PRO5000 Electric Portable Oil Pumps- TECALEMIT Continuous improvements

PRO5000 Electric Portable Oil Pumps These portable lube-oil pumps carry years of not only field testing but also ongoing continuous improvements that have led this platform to be a top pick for oil distributors. The PRO5000 electric portable oil pumps have a healthy appetite for handling light lubes to heavier viscosities with no issues.  Flow […]

Bulk Diesel High Flow Transfer pump – Listening first to our customers

Bulk Diesel High Flow Transfer pump The foundation for our bulk transfer products is simple, listen first. All our Bulk Diesel High Flow Transfer pump systems carry different requirements based on your specific need. If you are ready to chat with someone about your specific need; contact us via email at or by calling […]

Best fuel management systems- digitally evolving together

Best fuel management systems We are on a digital revolution towards better and faster information for your business. When it comes to the best fuel management systems out there, our take is that they can only be as good as the people behind each and every one of these platforms. At TECALEMIT, you will find […]


DEF PRO ALL IN ONE Progress must continue and TECALEMIT has led the bulk DEF segment year after year since 2010 through engineering, flexibility, and the willingness to listen to you.The DEF PRO All IN ONE is now evolving into a high flow system (50+ gpm) to match your business demand and speed.  These new […]

TECSONIC Ex proof wireless tank level – Set up and start up

  TecSonic Ex proof wireless tank level The set up of the new Ultrasonic Ex-proof model is not that different from the standard TecSonic model . Although, you may see an extra component; the fact remains that no electric/power wires and no probes are needed to get this new model up and running. This is […]