Fuel Management System Keys- TECALEMIT power basics

[Key fobs and reader or programmers is what we will briefly discuss in this entry.  TECALEMIT’s fleet fuel management software allows for the use of key fobs.  So when someone is looking for Fuel Management System Keys; often they are referring to a way for a driver to engage the system without having to physically enter a digital number on a keypad.  

The key fobs can be programmed for driver + vehicle, if you do it this way; that driver will be tied to that vehicle.  The other option is to simply program that keyfob to a driver or vehicle only. 

Speaking of programming; to make the act of assigning each fob to a driver/vehicle, a keyfob reader/programmer is available and can be used right at your computer.  You simply touch the fobs to the reader and a serial number is assigned to that that driver/vehicle. 

Should you choose not to get that reader/programmer, keys can be programmed at the head unit but be aware that it does take extra time and you must be at the head unit to program all your keys. 

Next time you are looking for options on Fuel Management System Keys; we are here to help and guide you towards the best possible options for your fleet.  Drop us a line at sales@tecalemitusa.com

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