TECALEMIT’s Bulk DEF Transfer System – Attention to Detail Matters

Bulk DEF Transfer System

For us at TECALEMIT, every little detail matters. From the hose reels we use to the materials we use to build your skid, everything is important and meant to last. How can we help you with your Bulk DEF Transfer System today?

TECALEMIT’s Truck & Trailer Box – Whatever You Need, We Can Build It

Trailer Box

Our truck and trailer boxes are individually made and tailored to your needs. No matter what fluid you’re moving or what flow rate you need, we can handle it!

TECALEMIT’s Trailer Belly Box – Uncompromised Flow Rates

Trailer Belly Box

If you’re familiar with fluid distribution transport trailers, you understand the necessity of having efficient storage underneath the truck frame. From inception to completion, quality and precision are at the forefront throughout the entire process.

TECALEMIT’s Motivational Monday – Don’t Wait, Hustle

TECALEMIT's Motivational Monday

Abraham Lincoln said, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

TECALEMIT’s Mobile Transfer System – Three Builds for Your Needs

Mobile Transfer System

TECALEMIT’s line of PRO-5000 bulk transfer systems is all you need! With three different options (high flow, basic, and weights & measures), you can have whatever you need for your site!

TECALEMIT’s Motivational Monday – Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Motivational Monday

Failure isn’t always a bad thing; in fact, in some cases it is a hallmark of the fact that you tried something you’d never done before!

TECALEMIT’s Fleet Fuel Management Software – Virtual Learning

Fleet Fuel Management Software

It’s now easier than ever to make sure your team is knowledgeable and ready for whatever comes their way. This is our goal for our virtual installer training course; we want it to be easy, time-saving and cost-effective. Stay ahead of your teams and customers’ needs by being proactive on all your inventory needs!

TECALEMIT’s Fleet Fuel Management System – Programming Key Fobs

Fleet Fuel Management System

Programming your key fobs for use with TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox or Superbox fuel management systems is super easy!