TECALEMIT 110v Continuous Duty Hornet DEF pump

TECALEMIT 110v Continuous Duty Hornet DEF pump- more output power.


We never stay in one place because we are constantly pushing the envelop. Fortunately for you and I, the equipment makes us look good. In this case, let’s take a look at the TECALEMIT 110v Continuous Duty Hornet DEF pump and its untouched power and truly 100% continuous duty cycle motor.

We are able to cater to you on multiple requests only because this Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pump can manage what you are throwing at it. This example shows a double output option… that is correct, this Hornet can handle two dispense hoses working at the same time while running continuously for hours. How do we that? If we can push Diesel Exhaust Fluid out 100FT away with this 110v AdBlue/DEF pump, it can certainly handle a double output option.

Don’t take our word for it, try one for yourself today. Ask your nearest TECALEMIT distributor for more details.

TECALEMIT 110v Continuous Duty Hornet DEF pump
diesel fuel pulse meter

TECALEMIT Diesel fuel pulse meters available options


Today we are highlighting the different diesel fuel pulse meters available for your TECALEMIT Fleet Fuel Management System. What is the purpose of these diesel meters? The pulse meter is the piece of hardware that talks back to your TECALEMIT fuel management system, letting the system know what is reading through the line.

The first and most common option is the  FMOG 100 Diesel pulse meter which can handle flow rates up to 26 gpm, this option has a 1′ inlet and outlet.  The second option is the FMOG 150 with digital face which can handle up 40 gpm, and has a 1.25″ inlet and outlet.  You can see both of these meters here https://www.tecalemitusa.com/product/fmog-fuel-oval-gear-flow-meter/

If you need further assistance, in selecting the correct diesel flow meter, do not hesitate to reach out to us at sales @ tecalemitusa (dot) com.

Diesel fuel pulse meters





TECALEMIT’s PRO6000 line up has continued to evolve into more specialty projects but fully geared towards giving you exactly what you need.  When it comes to bulk lube oil transfer packages, the PRO6000 special teams have been innovating and evolving these designs for the last ten years.

Take this latest example, the TECALEMIT bulk lube oil hi flow reversible transfer pump system seen here was put together to help our customers minimize waste which translates into lost revenue.  At the helm of this bad boy is a 2″ Dixon style pump paired with a monster 11.7 gas engine motor crancking out 40-50 gpm.

We will have a short video on this package next week so don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned to the blog.  Ahead of us is Memorial weekend so stay safe out there and enjoy.





As you can see we have been hard at work updating our video libraries as we continue to answer questions such as this one, Fuel Management hardware fundamentals.

We kick off this video discussing the TECALEMIT Wonderbox single head unit as the cornerstone of our platform.  This is the head unit that started it all, with 2,000 drivers and 2,000 vehicles available for your fleet along with the capability to maintain 10,000 transactions backed up into the hardware even after you pull transactions.

Enjoy the rest of our line up on the video below.


TECALEMIT is here for our downstream oil and fuel industry


Sometimes it is good to step back and take a long deep breath amidst what is going on. It is up to all of us to return to greatness once again, so today we are dedicating this entry to all of of those needing an extra shoulder to lean on.  Returning to greatness starts right here right now with each and everyone of one of us, so that we can reinvent not only ourselves but also the way that we can also be there for one another.  Today TECALEMIT is choosing once again to be there for our downstream oil and fuel industry with a bit of inspiration.  Less is better sometimes, so we leave you with the following thought.downstream oil and fuel industry

fleet fuel management system with drivers and vehicles. 

Setting up your new fleet fuel management system with drivers and vehicles


This entry is for all of you guys that have either contacted us through our online chat or the telephone asking for help on how to set up your new fleet fuel management system with drivers and vehicles in 2020.  This is a common question based on a new firmware that actually creates folders within your new USB drive.   

What we have noticed is that you have completely done everything correct, so congratulations for that. The last step has to do with making sure that your *DATAin* file is being stored in the correct folder. In the following short video, we show you how to cross the finish line and get you up and running utilizing your new fleet fuel management system with drivers and vehicles. 

The first step is to make sure that you see your *datain* file inside the drive.  You will then proceed to delete a folder with the “test” file in it, getting you ready to set up your new fleet fuel management system along drivers and vehicles.   Watch the video below.


cost effective air operated oil pumps

The best cost effective air operated oil pumps- and why you agree.


Thank you for coming back to the blog, today is all about the best performance air operated oil lube pumps that you will find in our industry.  These oil transfer solutions have become a corner stone for TECALEMIT,  so when we set out to bring the best cost effective air operated oil pumps, there were a few critical marks that we needed to hit.

#1- Like all products within our portfolio, this product had to be good looking and easy to handle. We set out to make sure that this pump was not bulk and heavy to handle. 

#2- Second, we needed to make sure that for the majority of the work that these pumps are placed under, the long term reliability had to impress. In over the last 18 months of use, these packages have been put through actual field testing with amazing results. This is the second point that makes this oil pump the best value in air operated oil pumps.

#3- Less moving parts.  These pumps have a single piston inside of them, making them fully mechanical and robust.  Minimal moving parts have been a great talking point at the early start and something that is appealing to the industry. 

#4- The fourth and last point is the price. The performance-value ratio that TECALEMIT brings to the industry is by far the best looking package, backed up by proven reliability, and sealed with a great initial price point, making them the best cost effective air operated oil pumps- and why you agree.

 cost effective air operated oil pumps



TECALEMIT turnkey DEF mini bulk tanks



Hello everyone, this is a quick reference to the ultimate flexibility built into these TECALEMIT’s turnkey DEF mini bulk tanks packages. These systems have been a core offering to our industry and currently found throughout the continental US and Canada since 2010.

Seen here is a one of several built to fit TECALEMIT turnkey DEF mini bulk tanks, needed to be clear a retaining wall for easier access to the fluid. These packages are known for these sort of needs/projects and we have always been there for you to get you exactly what you need. Aside from the flexibility, the ROI on these systems is what has made them such a staple in our industry. If you are new to these packages, we are happy to discuss total volume expected and guide you through the available standard sizes and options for a long healthy and reliable system. TECALEMIT turnkey DEF mini bulk tanks, the original.


TECALEMIT fleet automated fuel management platform

Evolution of TECALEMIT fleet automated fuel management platform


Today we got a short video for you, showcasing the serious commitment that we have allocated into this fleet automated fuel management platform over the last nine years. As a former newcomer into the world of fuel management systems back in 2012, TECALEMIT built a nice market for what is known today as the best performance-value systems.

I will take you through a quick tour of the evolution of TECALEMIT automated fuel management platform in this short video. We start with the single hose units, Wonderboxes, and grow into the multihose platform, Superboxes fuel management system. In typical fashion, we are working on a new peripheral which is currently going full test and we hope to bring it to you sometime early summer. Thank you for reading our blog and don’t forget to subscribe here and on our YouTube channel.

If you are looking to quickly and efficiently get into a inventory control platform, send us an inquiry here https://www.tecalemitusa.com/contact-us/



Initializing your TECALEMIT USB Wonderbox Fuel Management system platform


Today is Tuesday May 12, 2020, welcome back to the blog. We have noticed the following question coming up quite often.

The TECALEMIT USB Wonderbox Fuel Management System is not accepting my drivers and vehicles, what do I need to do?

The following is a quick step by step tutorial on how to get these initial “datain” file in the correct folder(s).

  1. This applies to new TECALEMIT Wonderbox Fuel Management Systems that have the latest firmware.
  2. Have your USB stick that came with the system available and plugged into your PC.
  3. Open up your USB drive to take a look inside If you have walked out to the system and plugged in the USB stick already, \you will more than likely see two folders named (1820166 & 1926538) , open them up to look for a file name “TEST”. Once you find the folder with the file named ‘TEST” inside of it, delete that folder.
  4. Drag your “datain” file into the remaining folder.
  5. Go to your new TECALEMIT USB Wonderbox Fuel Management System and watch the hardware upload your new driver and vehicle settings.

Our hope is that this has been helpful, and allows you to enjoy and use your new fuel management unit. There will be a full video walk around on this topic as well.

Subscribe to our blog for the latest update and stay safe out there.


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