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The PK3HD & PK5HD Lube Oil Pumps

At TECALEMIT, we are committed to providing you with innovative solutions tailored to your needs. We’re thrilled to highlight our PK3HD 3:1 and PK5HD 5:1 Lube Oil Pumps—robust, proven, and the ideal companions for your onsite lube tanks. Unmatched Performance, Value, and Reliability Robust & Proven: These pumps, especially the PK3HD 3:1, have been tried […]

Unleash Efficiency with the Hornet W85 Continuous Duty Cycle Transfer Pump

In today’s rapidly evolving industry landscape, staying ahead requires innovation and performance like never before. Introducing the Hornet W85 continuous duty cycle DEF transfer pump – a true leader that redefines the way we approach DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) transfers. With its patented pump transfer system and groundbreaking hybrid technology, the Hornet W85 is both […]

12V Continuous Duty Cycle Diesel Transfer Pump: Unleashing Efficiency and Durability

12V Continuous Duty Cycle Diesel Transfer Pump Unleashing Efficiency and Durability   Here at TECALEMIT, we take pride in continuously offering industry-leading solutions that redefine efficiency and durability. Today, we shine a spotlight on our exceptional 12V continuous duty cycle diesel transfer pump—a reliable workhorse that has already proven its worth in various applications. With […]

TECALEMIT’s Modular Fuel Dispenser – The Ultimate Solution

Modular Fuel Dispenser

Boost efficiency and streamline your fuel management with TECALEMIT’s Dual-Sided M1! 🚀🛢️ Dispense multiple fuels and keep track of inventory effortlessly. Upgrade your communication preference with USB, LAN, Wifi, or Cellular connections. Access real-time data from anywhere with MyTECALEMIT Cloud software. Ready to revolutionize your yard?

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Fuel Transfer Pump – Two Types

The two most common types of pumps used in our builds are positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. You might be wondering, what’s the difference?