TECALEMIT training is all about empowering you to install and maintain our Fuel Management systems.  These classes have been created to fit your schedule with all the necessary remote learning materials needed for your certification.

Master the hardware aspect of these systems by concentrating on electrical, meters, and level probes connections for all systems.

Master the software platforms of HD Manager 8 and MyTecalemit Cloud with a hands on approach at programing, and connecting to networks.

If you are a fuel/oil distributor or a PEI installation company; you can sign up to become “certified” after taking our module classes and exit test.

Installer certification program

“This professional certification is served for Petroleum Marketers along with PEI installation companies and their respective indiviuals”.

Class Itinerary

We are proud to be offering you the following virtual class modules where you will be able to work at your own pace, learn all associated platforms, and become certified by taking an exit test.As industry leaders, we are digitizing all our resources and investing in the next technological platforms to bring nothing but the best of what our brand stands for.

Apply for certification program

Thank you for your interest in our installation and distribution progtram.Click the button on the right to start your application process.