Hurricane preparedness – know your fuel management system in any emergency

Hurricanes and tropical storms always pose a danger for coastal lines where major damage and power outages can be overwhelming factors.  TECALEMIT’s 12v/24v fuel management systems are there to help you by keeping unauthorized personnel from refueling. In addition, our emergency ready 12v continuous duty diesel transfer pumps are always ready to keep your vehicles ready to jump in into action.

As hurricane season becomes more active, know that your fuel tanks and fuel management systems are ready to serve. 

Hurricane preparedness – know your fuel management system:

  1. Power: 12v/ 24v ready
  2. When you disconnect your battery cables, all data is kept safely in the system memory.
  3. USB download is always an option even if you are working with cellular communication.
  4. HD alligator clips are part of this FM kit.

Be safe out there and keep a close watch om the latest developments, remember to always prepare for potential storm effects.

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