Monthly Archives: November 2020

We are grateful for you – Happy Thanksgiving

Hard to believe that this is Thanksgiving week. We want to take the opportunity to say thank you for supporting us through the trials of this year. It’s been a challenging year to say the least, practicing gratitude in 2020 is likely tough for many people. Hopefully there are still plenty of things to be thankful […]

Hydrogen Peroxide Portable pump- TECALEMIT PRO5000 platform

Happy Monday everyone. One of the products that people don’t know that we have handled in the past is Hydrogen Peroxide. Most customers know us for our robust DEF and Oil portable pumps, but a Hydrogen Peroxide Portable Pump expands the PRO5000 portfolio offering. There has been multiple applications for these systems and customers come […]

Fuel Management Solutions: DEF Pump Pulse Meter Compatibility

Our sales and customer support teams always work in tandem, to problem solve, troubleshoot and manage the occasional curveball.  In the end, it’s all about building trust.  Ask us any question and we’ll find you an answer. We continue to see a surge of questions regarding DEF pump pulse meter compatibility. This is at no […]

Smart liquid level monitoring – TECSONIC smart monitors

We appreciate you giving us opportunity to earn your trust and business when it comes to smart liquid level monitors. Here are two main reasons why customers continue to trust us: No contracts, the power shift went back to you. We handle all the back end support, R&D, and billing under one simple umbrella. Monitors […]

TECALEMIT DEF Pumps- Kerry swings big in Texas

TECALEMIT Hornet DEF pumps are made to run and run continuously.  These pumps have been  the core items found on Tote pump packages, Mini Bulk DEF tanks, and remote dispensers.  But now, these TECALEMIT DEF Pumps just got better, Kerry will be the man behind the massive movement in Texas as he aims to swing […]

3G network will be phase out – Fuel Management modular architecture has you covered

You may already know that the 3G network will be phase out.  If you have been using our fuel management system on a cellular platform and talking to MyTecalemit Cloud; you will be ok since our core modems communicate on a 4G network. When and if 4G were to ever be replaced,  our modular architecture […]

Remote heated DEF dispenser- thinking outside the norm

It’s that time of the year again when we get flooded with questions and inquiries about having a sensible remote heated DEF dispenser.  Here, we are highlighting one of our most “outside  the norm” solutions that we’ve had for our northern customers . If you have a tank inside and want to have a remote […]


Quick entry this morning.  Once you have your new monitors, how do you turn on your TECALEMIT TecSonic wireless tank monitoring unit? Inside the packaging, locate a plastic bag where you will find a small magnet bar.  Assuming that you have already mounted your monitor by simply securing it to a 2″ FNPT fitting on […]

Bulk Oil high flow transfer – the passion behind the systems

Top of the day to everyone. Oil transfer systems have been in hot demand lately with many variations being built. Today, we highlight a four oil dispensing skid system built for speed. A lot of these bulk oil high flow transfer packages have one thing in common, passion. If you found yourself at our facilities […]