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TECALEMIT’s Bulk Transfer Equipment

TECALEMIT's Bulk Transfer Equipment

The PRO-5000 is one of our simplest and most robust units. Built on a dolly, this unit is 100% mobile, and made to be used anywhere. It is reliable, customizable, and it comes in three different builds: a basic, a high flow, and a weights & measures units!

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Transfer Oil Pump – Servicing Your PK Series Pump

TECALEMIT's Bulk Transfer Oil Pump

We like to make things easy. That’s why our tank package accessories are easily accessible and simple to service. Take for instance our PK Series oil pump, which comes equipped on our Roth tank packages.

TECALEMIT’s Portable Oil Transfer Pump – The PRO-5000

TECALEMIT's Portable Oil Transfer Pump

Did you know that each of TECALEMIT’s Portable Oil Transfer Pump systems [PRO-5000] comes with a bypass feature?

TECALEMIT’s Mini Bulk Oil Tank Packages – Video Inside!

TECALEMIT's Mini Bulk Oil Tank Packages

Because availability is important to you.

TECALEMIT’s Mini Bulk Oil Tank Package – To Those Who Appreciate Value

TECALEMIT's Mini Bulk Oil Tank Package

This is for you, the oil distributor who appreciates value. We know you appreciate more than value; you appreciate safety and availability.

TECALEMIT’s Mini Bulk Oil All In One – The OilPRO ALL IN ONE

TECALEMIT's Mini Bulk Oil All In One

As we mentioned yesterday, our line of mini bulk products is growing! It now includes the latest and greatest, the OilPRO ALL IN ONE ECO!

TECALEMIT’s Mini Bulk Oil Tank Packages – Best Practices

TECALEMIT's Mini Bulk Oil Tank Packages

TECALEMIT’s mini bulk oil tank packages are perfect for small spaces. They’re perfect for garages, bays, and even yards where there is a tight spot that they need to fit into. But if you need to put one outside, make sure you keep it covered to protect it!

TECALEMIT’s Oil Tank Packages – How are they outfitted?

TECALEMIT's Oil Tank Packages

Although it is generally outfitted like some others on the market, our oil tank packages are unique because we keep the parts in our warehouse. When you order a package from us, we are able to start building it almost immediately, without any downtime for part delivery or ordering. This means that within days we are able to create your package and have it on its way to you!

TECALEMIT’s Oil Tank Packages

TECALEMIT's Oil Tank Packages

At TECALEMIT our passion is taking care of our customers, both in regards to products and customer service. When you purchase an OilPRO Mini+ bundle from us, not only are you getting an excellent turnkey package that will work hard, you’re also getting superior customer service.