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TECALEMIT’s Monday Motivation

TECALEMIT's Monday Motivation

We constantly take our customers ideas and thoughts and turn them into workable solutions that often exceed expectations. We challenge you to do the same!



Due to the nature of the economy today, we’ve seen a lot of our all-in-ones flying out of the warehouse. These builds are great for extending your ROI and ensuring that you have a top-tier product that will last and work as hard as you do! With that in mind, we wanted to explore the makeup of one of our most popular units, the DEF PRO All In One Eco.

TECALEMIT’s Inventory Management System

TECALEMIT's Inventory Management System

We love to innovate and try new things. One of the most recent requests we had was to fit an inventory control system to a DEF tank all-in-one, and we jumped on it!

TECALEMIT’s High Flow Bulk Transfer Skids

TECALEMIT's High Flow Bulk Transfer Skids

Since its inception in 2011, the PRO-6000 has been a staple in our product line-up. This bulk transfer system is built for high-flow needs, able to reach up to 90 GPM on certain models, and built to be rugged, reliable, and precise. These units are always custom-built to whatever your needs are and are designed for fast turnaround times in the field.

TECALEMIT’s Diesel Flow Meter

TECALEMIT's Diesel Flow Meter

Our mobile transfer pumps are workhorses, but the things that allow them to work hard and tirelessly for you are the parts that we put on each unit. One of the parts we put on these mobile units is the FMT 3 flow meter.

Mobile transfer pumps – built tough for every job

Mobile transfer pumps

Mobile transfer pumps There is actually a lot thinking that goes on behind the scenes to make the PRO5000 line of Mobile transfer pumps reliable and very much capable. The pump is the heart of the system, and you can definitely read up on more on it here.   What we want to focus on is […]