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TECALEMIT’s All In One Bulk Tanks – HDPE Construction

Bulk Tanks

HDPE is a common material used in making plastics such as bottles, bottle caps, piping, and much more.

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Fuel Tank Builds

Bulk Fuel Tank

We have tanks and we’re ready to move them. We have tanks in a variety of sizes and a variety of builds available; whatever you need, we can handle it!

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Fuel Tank – We’ve Got What You Need

Bulk Fuel Tank

Our line of All In One mini bulk tanks is always expanding, and we’re not afraid to think outside of the box to get you what you need.

TECALEMIT’s Island Friendly DEF Tank – DEFPRO All In One

Island Friendly DEF Tank

Customization is a key component of everything we build. We constantly talk about customizing your flow needs, but did you know we can customize your tanks so that they fit where you need them most?

TECALEMIT’s Family of Mini Bulk is Growing!

Mini Bulk

Our collection of All In One systems is no longer limited to just DEF! We have grown to include oil, coolant, windshield washer fluid, and most recently diesel – with our DieselPRO Mini+!

TECALEMIT’s DEF Tanks and Pumps – The DEF PRO Mini+

DEF Tanks and Pumps

Our DEF PRO Mini+ is space-saving due to its small footprint and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your need. All of our builds come to you turnkey and ready to use right off the pallet; no assembly required!