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The Future of DEF, Fuels, and Chemical Handling: What to Expect…

The world is undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by advancements in technology, increased environmental awareness, and the constant quest for efficiency. Industries such as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), fuels, and chemical handling are no exceptions. Here at TECALEMIT, we’re more than just observers; we’re active participants in shaping the future. Here’s a closer look at […]

Pillar 1: Mindset Matters – Fueling Success Inside & Outside the Workplace

A person with a positive mindset and determination, ready to fuel success both inside and outside the workplace. They hold a sign that says, "Mindset Matters - Igniting Success Inside and Outside the Workplace. Fuel your thoughts with positivity and embrace challenges. Set achievable goals and unlock your true potential. Let Tecalemit be your partner on the path to greatness."

At Tecalemit, we firmly believe in the power of a growth mindset. Whether you’re navigating the workplace or conquering challenges outside of it, your mindset sets the tone for achieving greatness. Let’s explore how cultivating the right mindset can fuel your success in both realms. In the workplace, a positive and growth-oriented mindset is key. […]

Celebrating Partnerships – Not Just a Supplier, But A Partner

We are so humbled and excited to hear what you have to say and to learn how TECALEMIT has improved your experience and helped with your customers. We are all about the jobber!



Another installment of FAQ Friday is here! Today we talk about fuel management. What is it? And how can it benefit your operation?

TECALEMIT’s Bulk DEF Transfer Pump – Our Special Services Division

bulk def transfer pump

Have a custom project that you need built? Have custom flow-rates you need met or any other custom requirements to make the equipment work for you?

TECALEMIT’s Fuel Management System – Connecting Your Box

Fuel Management System

How will you connect your fuel management system?

TECALEMIT’s Installer Training – Sign Up Now

installer training

As industry leaders, we are digitizing all our resources and investing in the next technological platforms to bring nothing but the best of what our brand stands for.