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Coolant antifreeze portable transfer pump- reimagining pump portability

Portable Coolant pumps have been popular as of late, with the majority of them being electric. However, take note that electric is not your only option. For true self contained portability; a coolant antifreeze portable transfer pump that is gas engine driven is a fine choice. These gas engine pumps have become so reliable, giving […]

TECALEMIT PRO6000- Multi Point lube oil transfer pump skid- king of bulk

The PRO6000 platform has not only been expanding but also advancing in features.  This particular TECALEMIT Pro6000- Multi Point lube oil transfer pump skid was the standard for a very long time, that is no longer the case.  Later this week, that crown will be passed along to the latest package; a bigger and more […]

The next TECALEMIT hardware device is here- launching soon.

TECALEMIT has been on a fast track to innovate hardware and change the way our customers use MyTecalemit cloud platform. The next hardware device is here, complementing the already successful fuel management platform. The next TECALEMIT hardware device is here, stay tuned. Follow us on LinkedIn or on the The-Pulse for fast up to date releases. […]

Performance DEF mini bulk tank- ready to scale your program?

TECALEMIT designed and built. These packages are here for one reason and one reason only, and that is to help you scale up efficiently. We are educators and advocates for all things DEF since the start of Diesel Exhaust Fluid in the US. Join the many US and Canadian customers that have scaled up by […]

TECALEMIT automated fuel management with liquid level input

Morning everyone; the following was such an interesting question that was recently asked by one of our customers.  Can I manually input liquid levels on your software platform(s)? TECALEMIT automated fuel management with liquid level input is a function available inside the HD Manager PRO or MyTecalemit cloud software platform. Let’s break it down like […]

Bulk high flow oil transfer skid systems- how do you maintain your systems?

Bulk high flow oil transfer skid systems

A quick entry today on overall upkeep of these systems. A lot of these packages are sealed and pretty robust as they are; we want to learn what else do you guys out on the field when it comes to maintaining you Bulk high flow oil transfer skid systems. One item that we do recommend […]

The Revolution of Lube Oil Tank Packages- TECALEMIT oil turn-key packages

TECALEMIT oil turn-key packages

Lube oil tanks are changing. The revolution of TECALEMIT oil turn-key packages has shifted from the traditional look and functionality, to the transition of a more modern, better built, and longer lasting package. We have been embarking on a journey by revamping the complete line of our oil tank packages and portable oil systems, all […]


Morning friends, fall weather is starting to be felt in many regions our country, a welcomed change.  Some of you may know this; TECALEMIT is constantly conducting Q/A webinars on our automated inventory management systems. This goes as far as supporting your sales team with customers to make sure that we are all meeting their […]

National truck driver week 2020- TECALEMIT celebrates our road warriors

Think about this for a moment, almost every aspect of our daily life is touched by a truck driver delivering groceries, medical supplies, fuel, etc.. Starting September 13-20, TECALEMIT is celebrating our road warriors.  National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for all of us to take a moment and say thank you […]


When we look back at the last 10 years, we can see how design and functionality has evolved. These small but necessary changes have been based on feed back in order to continue to pursue our passion for building quality DEF Bulk Transfer Pump Skid packages.  We feel ever so grateful to be able to […]