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TECALEMIT’s Bulk Transfer Pumps for Oil & Coolant

Bulk Transfer Pumps

The PRO-5000 bulk transfer pump unit is great for any fluids you need to move quickly and easily. It is mobile and very flexible GPM-wise, with a basic, a high flow, and a weights & measures build available.

TECALEMIT’s Bulk DEF Transfer Pump System

TECALEMIT's Bulk DEF Transfer Pump System

The PRO-5000 family of products for DEF was built with robustness and mobility in mind. Setup on a dolly, these systems can easily be moved from place to place and are ready to work for you! Among this family of products, we have three main options:

Mobile transfer pumps – built tough for every job

Mobile transfer pumps

Mobile transfer pumps There is actually a lot thinking that goes on behind the scenes to make the PRO5000 line of Mobile transfer pumps reliable and very much capable. The pump is the heart of the system, and you can definitely read up on more on it here.   What we want to focus on is […]

TECALEMIT’s Best Portable Transfer Pump for Windshield Washer Fluid and Coolant

TECALEMIT's Best Portable Transfer Pump for Windshield Washer Fluid and Coolant

We are thrilled to present the newest in our line-up of portable transfer pump systems, the PRO-5000 Ex. Proof!

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Transfer Mobile Dolly

TECALEMIT's Bulk Transfer Mobile Dolly

Hydrogen peroxide is a well-known chemical, commonly known to people as an antimicrobial used at home to treat small cuts. But did you know that it has industrial uses as well?

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Transfer Equipment

TECALEMIT's Bulk Transfer Equipment

The PRO-5000 is one of our simplest and most robust units. Built on a dolly, this unit is 100% mobile, and made to be used anywhere. It is reliable, customizable, and it comes in three different builds: a basic, a high flow, and a weights & measures units!

TECALEMIT’s DEF PRO-5000 Bulk Transfer System

TECALEMIT's DEF PRO-5000 Bulk Transfer System

In the beginning was TECALEMIT’s DEF PRO-5000, a mobile and rugged solution for high flow bulk transfer. However, the DEF PRO-5000 is the base model; if you need more power or flow, we can build it!

PRO5000 Electric Portable Oil Pumps- TECALEMIT Continuous improvements

PRO5000 Electric Portable Oil Pumps These portable lube-oil pumps carry years of not only field testing but also ongoing continuous improvements that have led this platform to be a top pick for oil distributors. The PRO5000 electric portable oil pumps have a healthy appetite for handling light lubes to heavier viscosities with no issues.  Flow […]