who we are

TECALEMIT Inc. is an industrial equipment manufacturer and an industry leader with a great technology soul.  We love to tinker with new ideas and concepts, making the best fluid transfer systems, automated inventory management systems, DEF pumps and dispensers, flow meters, and DEF-PRO All In One mini bulk tank systems, just to name a few.  Powered by an ever evolving business model, proprietary technology, and a unique passionate team, TECALEMIT Inc. provides solutions for the Fuel, Oil/Lube, Chemical, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) segments.   By giving our customers not only more choices, but better fluid thinking choices, we are rewriting the rules.


TECALEMIT’s vision is to become the go to manufacturer of equipment solutions & services to measure, transfer, control, and dispense liquids/gases. Never settling, but striving to take our customers’ everyday issues and find painless, cost-effective solutions.


TECALEMIT‘s mission is to provide customers with products & services of premium quality. From measuring, controlling, transferring, and dispensing of fluids and gases, to excellent post sale service, our mission is to exceed customer expectations.


With strong self-awareness and intellectual honesty, we produce the best work possible. We protect the integrity of this organization by always using sound judgement to put our best foot forward. Customer satisfaction is the basis for our long-term collaboration with our partners.


Our expanding goal is to always improve and continue to develop not only our existing line of end user equipment, but also to develop new custom storage and dispensing solutions to the fuels, DEF, lube/oil, and chemical segments. Customer satisfaction is our motivation.


DEUTSCHE TECALEMIT goes back to 1910 when Metallwerke Windelsbleiche was founded. At that time it was added as a subsidiary in 1932 with the international trade name TECALEMIT. The company gained international reputation through design, manufacture, and supply of a comprehensive range of vehicle servicing equipment for motorcycle, car and commercial vehicle garage and workshops.  In 2013, TECALEMIT merged with Lubrication Solutions Inc., opening up the next chapter in our history and launching new equipment platforms for the North American Fuel, DEF, Lube/Oil, and Chemical sectors.


The HORNGROUP bundles expertise and strengthens synergies between companies to provide greater market impact while increasing value proposition.  By uniting similar values within our organizations, better opportunities rise in the areas of development, purchasing, and manufacturing optimization.The strategic product alignment revolves around pumps, dispensing systems, liquid management, tire pressure technology, and garage and workshop technology.  Its focal point of the range of products and services currently connected through the brands TECALEMIT, PCL, and FLACO have allowed us to be the leaders in dispensing equipment, gases, and other media. These traditional segments of dispensing technology and workshop technology have been consolidated by numerous new products, where new segments have been created in the past few years such as liquid management as well as products for the chemical industry. HORN is engaged on a broad basis in the complete proprietary development and manufacturer of appliances, components and systems.One of our company’s basic principles is the harmonization of environmental protection and profitability in terms of sustained development. Compliance with legal regulations is a minimum requirement for us.Learn more about the HORNGROUP.


The “ SpeakUp ” whistleblower system is a secure, protected and independent platform for employees, business partners and third parties to counter irregular behavior at any time – intentional or unintentional – at an early stage.
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