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TECALEMIT’s Truck Belly Box – Which pump do most people get?

Truck Belly Box

The most common pump we use in our belly boxes are Honda GX160 gas-driven pumps. These have proven to be the most reliable and easy-to-maintain pumps on the market.

TECALEMIT’s Belly Box Trailer Systems – Our Platform

belly box trailer

Our rig pump systems are heavy duty, rugged, and made to work. We also love to take existing systems and help make them better. Want to see our guys at work? Watch our video!

TECALEMIT’s Underbody Truck Boxes – Are you due?

underbody truck boxes

Maintenance is an important aspect of keeping your truck belly boxes running properly. Without regular maintenance, you could inadvertently be putting yourself or your system at risk of damage. Bring your system to us!

TECALEMIT’s Underbody Truck Box – Flexible Sizes

underbody truck box

Every build is customized to fit your need, from the flow rate, all the way up to the size of the unit. When we build underbody boxes, while we do have a standard size, we also offer smaller sizes and even split boxes to fit your application!