Windshield washer mini bulk pump dispensing systems- 500 gallon tanks

Brief history; TECALEMIT entered the DEF mini bulk market by developing a robust yet economical mini bulk package to help marketers around North America be more efficient and to secure a healthier ROI.  These packages have now evolved over the years to work with Lube Oil, Coolant, and now windshield washer fluid.  Over these past years, replicas of the All in One tank packages have surfaced as a testament to its original success.  What we are looking at now is an original development for Windshield washer mini bulk pump dispensing systems for North America.  Our Canadian friends are now happy to know that these windshield washer mini bulk pump dispensing systems are available for their market, that is where this new windshield washer dispensing unit resides now.  Being able to deliver more fluid goes back to being more efficient, but also having a better overall plan for the end user customer.

Next, high methanol content is something that we had to keep a close eye on, so this original package was developed with all those parameters in mind for your own safety.  The user has the capability to dispense at 10 gpm, while having the convenience of an external protected on/off switch for their safety as well.  TECALEMIT will have a few more sizes available for added flexibility, so stay tuned as these new windshield washer mini bulk pump dispensing systems develop even further. 

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