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TECALEMIT’s Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank – A Great Solution for a Small Yard

Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank

TECALEMIT’s Diesel PRO Mini+ is perfect for small yards (or large yards that only need small tanks!). Despite it’s small footprint, this system is built for the long-haul. Featuring our signature Hornet W85 Diesel pump, this setup is meant to last and to work just as hard as you do!

TECALEMIT’s Fuel Management System – Putting Your Box in Bypass

Fuel Management System

Bypass is a helpful feature for emergencies or situations where you would want to skip the box and access your fuel quickly. Just don’t forget to put the box back into normal mode when you’re done!

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Fuel Transfer Pumps – Wet Hosing Units

Bulk Fuel Transfer Pumps

Our wet hosing portable packages are space efficient, work off DC power, have hose reels, and carry a small tank all within a specific footprint. A variety of upgrades and options are available – read inside for more!

TECALEMIT’s DEF Tanks and Pumps – The DEF PRO Mini+

def tanks and pumps

Our DEF PRO Mini+ is space-saving due to its small footprint and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your need. All of our builds come to you turnkey and ready to use right off the pallet; no assembly required!

TECALEMIT’s Resources, Social Media & More – Connect With Us!

Wants to Connect

We are always adding and updating our pages. From helpful content on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Insta, to a ton of resources on our website and YouTube, our goal is to have a wealth of knowledge available to you even when a live person can’t be. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll add it!