Monthly Archives: December 2020

Happy Holidays- Happy new year 2021

Time to say goodbye to 2020, but in a heathy way.Most of us would agree that 2020 felt like it was constantly shifting with challenges lurking around every corner. It’s time to move on and shift our perspective by finding the good in it and celebrating it.  For us, it was a year of massive growth […]



LUBE OIL PORTABLE TRANSFER PUMPS The success for this product line has been an evolvement over the years, culminating in an extremely well built pump.  These Lube oil portable transfer pumps have served our industry in multiple applications, including mobile emergency deliveries, in-warehouse transfer applications, and normal over the road deliveries. These portable pumps are […]

TECALEMIT PRO6000 bulk transfer pump systems- special projects platform

TECALEMIT PRO6000 bulk transfer pump systems When we look back at the last 10 yeas; we can humbly say that there has been a lot of growth inside this special project’s platform which has led us to have a lot more diversity.  Why look back?  We do it often because it gives us a compass […]

Customized Truck belly boxes- TECALEMIT builds/assembles turn key packages

Customized Truck belly boxes TECALEMIT offers many custom-made options for truck belly boxes used for the delivery of bulk lubricants/oil, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), Diesel fuel, and other chemicals.  We are committed to producing, assembling, and mounting the most reliable turn-key bulk truck pump transfer packages..  These customized truck belly boxes can range in size […]