500 gallon DEF tank dispensing package- fuel management ad-on

We make great hardware, that is what we are known for as an equipment manufacturer.  This is the true reason why you see so many configurations on Diesel Exhaust Fluid, and this 500 gallon DEF tank dispensing package is no different.  Here is the story:  Two diesel existing tanks on site (on road + offroad) where a DEF tank was needed plus the request for TECALEMIT’s Fuel Management platform.   On this 500 gallon DEF tank dispensing package, your standard DEF pump, dispensing hose, pulse meter, heater, liquid level display can all be found electrically manifolded together for you in an easy out of the box plug and play package.

Here is how this is being done:

1. There is a DEF pulse meter inside this 500 gallon mini bulk tank system that will send out pulses to the head unit.

2. Each one of the fuel tanks will need to also have pulse meters that will need to be run to the head unit.

3. The head unit will be programmed with Hose 1 (on road), Hose 2 (off road), Hose 3 (DEF).

Let us guide you and help you with these two core offerings; in typical fashion; reach out to us on the web chat or via email at sales@tecalemitusa.com on any other specifics regarding this 500 gallon tank dispensing package or any other larger sizes.

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