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TECALEMIT Fuel Management plus tank level monitoring

Those of you already taking advantage of the multi pro kit fuel management systems on their Western Global Fuel Cubes can now also bring in the new Ultrasonic Tank level monitors under one umbrella. TECALEMIT Fuel Management plus tank level monitoring all inside a single platform, one bill, one support team. Take your fuel management […]


Discover how simple and easy it is to maintain your subscription on the TECALEMIT WIRELESS TANK LEVEL MONITORS. What you get is one platform, where you get to see all your current and historical tank level data, without having to jump around between platforms. One annual bill and one stellar support team. We do all […]

TECALEMIT Wireless Tank Monitoring – Tecsonic does not carry a contract

The most talked about feature inside the new Tecsonic wireless tank monitor is the ease of set up/start up, culminating in a NO CONTRACT – no hassle approach. Tecsonic monitors are keen on performance and value, without any long contracts.  Consider this, the power to choose should always remain with you all while giving you […]

Tecalemit mobile fuel bulk transfer pump systems- professionally sensible systems

When it comes to bulk transfer, TECALEMIT has been there for you for the last 10 years innovating and catering to your wants and needs. Aside from the well established DEF and Oil bulk transfer systems, Tecalemit mobile fuel bulk transfer pump systems are a growing niche within the successful product line.  The product scope […]

Tank liquid level monitoring – TECSONIC customer experience

Welcome to a new experience of tank liquid level monitoring.  Cared and powered by TECALEMIT simply means that we give you the same level of importance if you are looking for 5 monitors or 500 monitors.  No contracts and no lead times simply add an extra perk that you find with us. You see, flexibility […]


The new Ultrasonic smart tank monitors carry a lot of value and a lot technology, all powered by TECALEMIT. In the case of possible condensation, on most common applications this has not been a problem. However, on occasions where the applications have more than usual vapors, etc… there is an option to have the sensor […]

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank level monitors – TECALEMIT tank levels

There is not a better time to take advantage of the newly released Tecsonic tank level monitors for your DEF program. These Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank level monitors carry the most bang for your buck.  Take for example the fact that DEF has not historically had the best margins, these new monitors will help […]

Schedule your webinar- TECALEMIT Wireless tank level monitors

TECALEMIT wireless tank level monitors are carrying a lot of buzz around our industry, leading to being flexible and having the ability to answer a lot of questions online. If you are just now reading this message, you can still schedule your webinar with your sales representative to go over all questions and in depth […]


What is perspective? Definition: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. We have always had a different perspective on not only how we manufacturer our products, but also how these products make it in your hands. Our perspective has always been to give you as much options and flexibility […]

TECALEMIT UltraSonic Tank Liquid Level Monitor- redefining higher accuracy

We are not only introducing a new liquid level monitor, we are also introducing a new overall customer experience that will continue to expand.  For the past decade, TECALEMIT’s liquid level probes have performed flawlessly but it was time for a new smart device that spoke quality, durability, precision, and value. Enter TECALEMIT Ultrasonic tank […]