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TECALEMIT’s Bulk Fuel Transfer Pumps – Wet Hosing Units

Bulk Fuel Transfer Pumps

Our wet hosing portable packages are space efficient, work off DC power, have hose reels, and carry a small tank all within a specific footprint. A variety of upgrades and options are available – read inside for more!

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Transfer Pump – How to Choose Your Meter

Bulk Transfer Pump

When we build your unique bulk transfer system, there are a few things that we need to know to make sure we get you the correct meter for your setup. Read on for more.

TECALEMIT’s Camlock Connectors – A Brief Introduction

Camlock Connectors

This is part of a new series on components typically found on our PRO5000 and PRO6000 platforms. TECALEMIT is all about educating and empowering you on all our systems from start up to technical support.

TECALEMIT’s Motivational Monday – Keep Moving Forward

Motivational Monday

On this wonderful Monday morning, let’s all remember that in order to move forward, sometimes we need to move sideways before we get the right traction! As most of us have experienced, success is not a linear progression; sometimes we take steps forward and sometimes we have to go back for a bit. But don’t let that discourage you!