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TECALEMIT’s Bulk DEF Mobile Transfer Pumps

Bulk DEF

All of our PRO-5000 units are built to your custom specifications, to fit your needs, and each one is assembled by our master craftsmen, like Julio! Watch our video to see some of the process!

TECALEMIT’s Motivational Monday – Motivation is a Fire From Within

Motivational Monday

It’s another great Monday! As the holidays (and possibly vacation!) approach, let’s remember that motivation comes from within; don’t rely on others to keep you motivated. Find your spark today and let your inner fire burn!

TECALEMIT’s Bulk DEF Transfer System – Attention to Detail Matters

Bulk DEF Transfer System

For us at TECALEMIT, every little detail matters. From the hose reels we use to the materials we use to build your skid, everything is important and meant to last. How can we help you with your Bulk DEF Transfer System today?

TECALEMIT’s Motivational Monday – Don’t Wait, Hustle

TECALEMIT's Motivational Monday

Abraham Lincoln said, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

TECALEMIT’s Motivational Monday

TECALEMIT's Motivational Monday

Sometimes we get bogged down in the mire of daily tasks – caught up in things that maybe aren’t so crucial to our success or accomplishing our goals. This week, challenge yourself to cut away what you can. What is an essential task and what is something that you can let go of to help you get closer to your goals?

TECALEMIT’s Dual-Sided Diesel Dispensers

TECALEMIT's Dual-Sided Diesel Dispensers

Our M1 Dispensers are a game-changer when it comes to filling up on your lot or at your station. With the ability to track up to 5 products and dispense up to 2 at once, this setup is excellent for anyone who needs fast fueling on their lot or wants to offer expedited fueling at their station!

TECALEMIT’s Special Services Division – If You Dream It, We Can Build It

TECALEMIT's Special Services Division

Have a custom project that you need built? Have custom flow-rates you need met or any other custom requirements to make the equipment work for you?