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TECALEMIT’s Island Friendly DEF Tank – DEFPRO All In One

Island Friendly DEF Tank

Customization is a key component of everything we build. We constantly talk about customizing your flow needs, but did you know we can customize your tanks so that they fit where you need them most?



Due to the nature of the economy today, we’ve seen a lot of our all-in-ones flying out of the warehouse. These builds are great for extending your ROI and ensuring that you have a top-tier product that will last and work as hard as you do! With that in mind, we wanted to explore the makeup of one of our most popular units, the DEF PRO All In One Eco.

TECALEMIT’s Monday Motivation

TECALEMIT's Monday Motivation

Things are tough right now; parts are difficult to get and prices are high. But you can start where you are on this Monday morning by using the resources you have available to you. Despite difficulties, we are available, we have inventory available, and we’re ready to help you with whatever you need.

TECALEMIT’s All In One Bulk Oil and DEF Tanks

TECALEMIT's All In One Bulk Oil and DEF Tanks

We have tanks and we’re ready to move them. We have tanks in a variety of sizes and a variety of builds available; whatever you need, we can handle it!

TECALEMIT’s Motivational Monday

TECALEMIT's Motivational Monday

Monday is a great day to start out with determination. Set goals for the week, break down what you’re going to do to reach those goals, and then accomplish your goals by staying determined and set on your course. We are determined to keep providing our customers with the best service and products we can, despite recent challenges!

TECALEMIT’s All In One Bulk Tank Packages

TECALEMIT's All In One Bulk Tank Packages

Resources are hard to come by today. Steel prices are outrageous, parts are back-logged in ports and on ships, and things are generally just a mess. Stop scrambling to find what you need, because we have good news for you!