Mobile transfer pumps – built tough for every job

Mobile transfer pumps

Mobile transfer pumps

There is actually a lot thinking that goes on behind the scenes to make the PRO5000 line of Mobile transfer pumps reliable and very much capable.

The pump is the heart of the system, and you can definitely read up on more on it here.   What we want to focus on is the overall package, and that always starts with purpose.

The most fundamental question always goes back to the core, where is this pump going to spend the majority of its time?

You see, these mobile transfer pumps see the most abuse and not because of the type of fluid that they are pumping, or the amount of time/frequency that they are being used.

It has to do with the environment where they work.  These pumps are constantly moving over the road, bouncing around over bad roads, absorbing vibrations, and they are constantly being thrown around in between delivery trucks.  Over time this would take a toll on the entire system, it is at this point where support members would break or come loose, and any other structural member would take a beating from the ongoing travel.

Over the years, the PRO5000 platform recognized this and made some huge improvements in the way the system is put together.  Welding strategic points and placing support members in the right places have made a big different in the reliability of these system.  Remember that not every mobile pump is built the same, you have to understand where the pump system will see the majority of its use.

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We are here to help you build the best overall package that will handle your fluid transfer needs.



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