The Anatomy of a DEF PRO All In One Eco

Due to the nature of the economy today, we’ve seen a lot of our all-in-ones flying out of the warehouse. These builds are great for extending your ROI and ensuring that you have a top-tier product that will last and work as hard as you do! With that in mind, we wanted to explore the makeup of one of our most popular units, the DEF PRO All In One Eco.

This unit features:

  • a durable HDPE tank, in a variety of sizes to fit your needs
  • a poly welded bracket
  • a meter
  • a continuous duty cycle pump
  • a 20-foot hose
  • and a 2″ fill line with a camlock

This tank is robust, a single unit, and can be outfitted with any accessories you need, including hose reels, inventory management and much more! But the best part (we think!) is the poly welded bracket. This thing is tough; a customer once ran into their tank with a forklift and the bracket never budged – instead the tank wall ripped! That’s how durable these brackets are, not to mention they make this tank one single piece, so no setup, no building when it arrives, and nothing to move around except the tank if you need it elsewhere in your yard. And any customized attachments you need come poly welded to the tank, making it the one of the most user-friendly and durable setups out there.

Just like with all of our products, we don’t just shoot for good, we shoot for great! Everything that leaves our warehouse is built just for you, with your specific needs in mind, and made by our fantastic fabrication team! That is our TECALEMIT Standard. Questions? Need your own tank build? Email us today at sales@tecalemitusa.com or click on the button in the bottom righthand corner of your screen to chat with us!

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