TECALEMIT’s DEF Dispensers

TECALEMIT's DEF Dispensers

TECALEMIT’s DEF Dispensers

The Anatomy of Northern and Southern Units

Just as with the DEF PRO All In One ECO, our DEF All In One Northern and Southern units are a perfect fit for your needs. With the upcoming winter months ahead, a winterized unit that won’t break the bank would be a good addition to your setup. Or perhaps you need a non-winterized unit, but you need the security that comes with having the ability to lock your DEF dispensing system.

Both of these units are perfect for areas that require a little more than the economy package. Both feature:

  • a continuous duty cycle pump
  • a meter
  • a 20-foot delivery hose
  • a 2-inch fill line
  • and a lockable aluminum cabinet.

The Northern unit has extra features, including tank insulation and a cabinet heater to protect your fluids and parts when the cold weather hits. And both units can be fitted with an inventory control system, such as our Wonderbox. Just like with anything else we build, each unit can be customized to your specific needs! Questions? Need your own tank build? Email us today at sales@tecalemitusa.com or click on the button in the bottom righthand corner of your screen to chat with us!

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