TECALEMIT’s Fuel Transfer Pump – Beyond the Pump

fuel transfer pump

TECALEMIT’s Fuel Transfer Pump

Beyond the Pump

Did you know that your W85 Hornet DEF Pump goes beyond IBC totes or drum set ups?

This pump is a powerhouse, taking it into many field applications that go beyond the status quo. At its heart, you have a 10,000 RPM motor to help you dispense much longer distances than your typical diaphragm style DEF pump (1,700 RPM).

Your existing pump kit is capable of serving you and your customers with the additional applications:

– Remote wall mounted cabinets
– Mobile dispensing systems
– Full dispenser configurations
– 100ft hose reel where applicable and much more!

Have a question about how this fuel transfer pump fits a particular application? Email us or click the button in the bottom righthand corner to chat with us now!

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