TECALEMIT’s FMT3 Turbine Flow Meter – Changing Units

turbine Flow Meter

TECALEMIT’s FMT3 Turbine Flow Meter

Changing Units

TECALEMIT’s premier flow meter, the FMT3 is versatile and easy to use, making it our meter of choice for DEF, diesel, water, windshield washer fluid, and coolant. The FMT3 can be set to show metric units, imperial units, or US units, making it easy to use for both our North American customers and our international customers.

To change the units of measure, follow these instructions:

  • Hold down the “Mode” key to enter programming mode (you will see a version number, e.g. P1.33)
  • Press the “Reset” key to toggle between liters, US Gallons, US Quarts, US Pints, Imperial Gallons, Imperial Quarts, or Imperial Pints.
  • Press the “Mode” key again until you return to the main display

For more information on how to program your FMT3 meter, visit our Resources page, where you can download the instruction manual, find videos and more! To get your own FMT3 or to get a setup that includes an FMT3, email us now or click the button in the bottom righthand corner to chat with us now!

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