TECALEMIT’s Double Wall Oil Tank – Not Just for Oil

double wall oil tank

TECALEMIT’s Double Wall Oil Tank

Not Just for Oil

Flexibility is the name of the game in this economy – and what’s more flexible than the Roth tank?  A steel outer unit with an HDPE inner tank to prevent leaks, a slim footprint to fit in any space; those are just two of the benefits of these double walled units.  But did you know that these slim units can be fitted for oil, coolant/antifreeze, DEF, AND diesel?

Our All In One Mini+ series is the ultimate when it comes to your mini bulk dispensing needs. We offer a range of sizes and have inventory on-site and ready to build out as soon as you place your order!

Need a new double wall oil tank package or something else?

Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or click the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen!

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