A Look at Our Previous Releases and Something New Coming Soon!

A Look at Our Previous Releases and Something New Coming Soon!

This is one of our favorite times of the year, summertime. This is the time of the year where we have released the latest TECALEMIT innovations and overall product improvements. As I look back at the last 30 months, an array of new products have been made available to the marketplace.

But let me take you through a quick time line of the best of the best. Here we go:

  • Western Global smart bracket design specifically made for either our 12v/24v or 120v fuel management system. We looked at this system and developed something complimentary to one of its best features.  The system became an instant summer success due to its capability to raise and lower the bracket without unbolting for travel or to be able to stack these tanks.
  • The next big product was purposely released to help with the ongoing shortages of not only materials but also personnel.  The Oil Pro Mini + was released as an economical solution to the market and delivered as a turnkey package. This eliminated the need for any sort of hands on assembly, powered by the reliable PKHD series of 3:1 and 5:1 pumps. The success of this platform opened the door to the rest of the platform, including the Mini + DEF, Mini + Coolant, Mini + WWF and more.

    Watch our video here!


  • Moving on to the Tote Oil PRO, the product release targeted the traditional way of dispensing Lube oil from standard 275 or 330gal IBC Totes.  First, accessibility and ergonomics was crucial, so we eliminated any top mounting options.  The new Bracket design, which hangs on the top lip of the IBC cage, allowed our customers to easily move the package from tote to tote without taking down the entire system. The success of this system was its approach to eliminating nuts and bolts, lowering its center of gravity, ease to swap IBC totes, and introductory price point.
  • TECALEMIT’S 110v continuous duty cycle diesel pump was also given an improvement by introducing new mounting hardware for pump and filter.  This gave users the ability to speed up the assembly process and to add longer reliability in the most demanding locations.
  • Fuel management saw the biggest improvement in MyTECALEMIT Cloud platform by giving our users what they had been asking for, more automation. Reports are now fully automated and emailed to the corresponding parties selected by you. This led the path for more liquid level options including the latest ultrasonic liquid level monitors.
  • Last, the PRO5000 and PRO6000 line saw multiple macro improvements but my favorite happens to be the PRO5000 weights and measures reconfiguration of the third wheel support framing system. We shifted the center of gravity by moving the Weights and measures package to the rear and reframed the entire back support. This gave you a much needed boost in confidence about handling these units.

These innovations have been charged with passion and have kept me feeling proud of everything that we have done together as a team. But a special thank you has to be said to you, because without you these innovations and improvements would have never seen the spotlight.

But, this video is not just about past releases; we have something very special in the works, something that a lot of you have been a part of during the R&D phase. So, the best is yet to come and for that, you will have to wait for the biggest summer splash coming soon. Until then, from all of us, have a safe and fun summer, see you on the road.

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