TECALEMIT’s Continuous Duty Cycle Diesel Pump

TECALEMIT's Continuous Duty Cycle Diesel Pump

TECALEMIT’s Continuous Duty Cycle Diesel Pump

What is ‘continuous duty cycle’?

A duty cycle is the time that a pump can run before it reaches a temperature that can potentially damage it or trigger the thermal protection switch. A lot of common pumps use a 30 minute cycle, meaning that the pump can run for 30 minutes before it reaches that critical temperature and needs to be shut off to allow it to return to ambient temperatures. This on-off-on-off duty cycle can be really costly when it comes to the time it takes to fill your trucks, totes, cans, or whatever else you need to fill. If you run a busy yard, your drivers could be stuck in line for hours, waiting on a pump to be able to do it’s job!

That’s why TECALEMIT’s Continuous Duty Cycle Diesel Pump revolutionized the market; the Hornet W85 diesel transfer pump features a continuous duty cycle, meaning that it reaches a steady internal temperature and maintains it, as long as there is product running through it. The process of the product flowing through the parts keeps it from overheating, meaning that it doesn’t have a rest cycle and can work all day, or as long as you need it to!

The Hornet also features great lift suction at 13 ft, a max pressure of 36 PSI, and 22 GPM. It is also one of the lightest pumps on the market with a weight of less than 25 pounds! Talk about an amazing pump that you need to add to your arsenal!

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