TECALEMIT’s Bulk Fuel Transfer System

TECALEMIT's Bulk Fuel Transfer System

TECALEMIT’s Bulk Fuel Transfer System

The PRO-6000 Mobile Fuel Cart

The PRO-6000 high flow transfer premium platform started with DEF and Lube oil. The product line matured and became the go-to platform for reliability and accuracy.

Today, the PRO-6000 line has expanded to accommodate fuels. Keep in mind that this can be engineered as a static unit, or a mobile unit as shown below. If you have a project that requires emergency services and need a skid to transport your setup and use on location, we have you covered. If you need more flexibility to be able to use it as a mobile unit to roll around to multiple points, the cart option is the one you should be asking for.

Whatever your need, we have your covered. TECALEMIT Built. Questions? Need your PRO-6000? Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or click the button in the bottom righthand corner to chat with us now!

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