TECALEMIT’s All In One High Flow – A Time Line

TECALEMIT's DEF Mini Bulk High Flow System

TECALEMIT’s All In One High Flow

A Time Line

As we’ve discussed in our previous posts, the ALL IN ONE HIGH FLOW Transfer System has had quite the evolution over the years. Take a look at how far we’ve come since it’s inception in 2011:

TECALEMIT's All In One High Flow

The first generation was the catalyst; nothing else like it existed at the time, making it a pioneer in the all-in-one category – we named it the DEF PRO All In One. The second generation built on the success of the first generation, improved to provide more reliability and durability on external components, but the biggest improvement was a new lockable cabinet. The third generation addressed a handful of extreme winter concerns – relocating all fill lines for better heat distribution, as well as adding more optional insulation, cabinet heaters, and tank heating blankets for those bitterly cold regions. And now, with our fourth generation and newest model, we’ve brought together our entire ten+ years of knowledge, expertise, and passion to give you high-performance speed, reliability, and ROI. We’re excited to move forward with this model and we eagerly anticipate all future improvements as we have done with all other model series.

Stay tuned for the launch of a new dedicated webpage for more technical specs, features, and more!

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