TECALEMIT’s DEF PRO-5000 Bulk Transfer System

TECALEMIT's DEF PRO-5000 Bulk Transfer System

TECALEMIT’s DEF PRO-5000 Bulk Transfer System

The First Chapter

In the beginning was TECALEMIT’s DEF PRO-5000, a mobile and rugged solution for high flow bulk transfer. This DEF dolly setup is custom-built to fit your needs, with stainless steel components, micro matic closed loop connections, a 12 ft. 1/5″ suction hose with 2″ SS camlock, an AMT 1.5″ 1 HP 115V pump, a 1.5″ digital display DEF meter,  and a 25 ft. 1.5″ dispense hose with 2″ SS camlock. Able to produce up to 65 GPMs, this setup is capable and robust. However, the DEF PRO-5000 is the base model; if you need more power or flow, we can build it!

TECALEMIT is solution-driven and always looking for a way to bring more value to our customers. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on skids, and where the evolution of skids and dollies has ultimately led us: the all-in-one high flow. Have questions? Ready to start your project? Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or chat with us online today!

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