TECALEMIT’s DEF Tanks and Pumps – 15k Gallons!

DEF Tanks and Pumps

TECALEMIT’s DEF Tanks and Pumps

15k Gallons!

No project is too big – literally!

These two 15,000 gallon DEF tanks are impressive pieces of equipment that are being set up for a rail facility. The DEF tanks are to be manifolded together, providing a total of 30,000 gallons of DEF storage. This large storage capacity will allow for efficient and reliable supply of DEF to the facility, which is important for ensuring uninterrupted operations.

To facilitate the offloading of DEF from rail tankers and filling of bulk trucks for deliveries, the facility is equipped with a 3” High Flow DEF PRO-6000 transfer skid system. These systems are easily capable of handling 250-300 gallons per minute!

Our experience and creativity has helped many of you along the way for a multitude of applications, from large scale to smaller DEF needs and everything in between. In typical fashion, our approach is always consultative: making sure that we look after your best interest first and foremost. When you are ready, we are here to discuss your bulk DEF needs!

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