TECALEMIT’s Bulk DEF Dispenser – The DEFPRO Mini+

Bulk DEF Dispenser

TECALEMIT’s Bulk DEF Dispenser

The DEFPRO Mini+

At TECALEMIT, we offer a wide range of bulk DEF dispenser sizes. Among these are our smaller mini-tanks, the DEFPRO Mini+! Here are some reasons why this system might be the right one for you:

  • Help your company save money by enabling you to buy DEF in bulk and avoid the higher costs of purchasing smaller, pre-packaged containers.
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly downtime caused by DEF-related issues, such as running out of DEF or using contaminated DEF, by providing a reliable and consistent source of high-quality DEF.
  • Reduce its environmental impact by ensuring that the right amount of DEF is used in each vehicle, which helps to reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality.
  • Easily monitor and track DEF usage, which can help you optimize your vehicle maintenance schedule and improve overall fleet efficiency.

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