DEF Pump Pulse Meter Compatibility

Fuel Management Solutions: DEF Pump Pulse Meter Compatibility

A checklist on DEF Pump Pulse Meter Compatibility

Our sales team and customer support team work in tandem, to problem solve, troubleshoot and manage the occasional curveball. It’s all about building trust. Ask us any question and we’ll find you an answer. These days, we see a surge of questions regarding DEF pump pulse meter compatibility. This is at no surprise to us, since bulk DEF is here and growing. Naturally, bulk fuels and oils have a tendency to be tracked, because of the industry standard when dealing with bulk products. You need to know where your product is going. Consequently, DEF is following the same pattern.


Bulk DEF has enabled growth, thanks to industry innovation. There are a lot of moving pieces to the innovations we have seen, but a major part of growth is having a pump to match your needs. Many of our customers have the Hornet W85 pump, because it’s a pump that can handle bulk, and it meets the demands of their fleet. When we’re asked about the integration of our Hornet W85 pump into existing cardlocks, we give you an answer. If you happen to have a Tecalemit Hornet W85 DEF pump kit already on site, the following checklist can help you understand what you need to make this kit capable of pulsing out.


  1. You may have a mini bulk tank package currently onsite, needing to talk to your existing commercial Cardlock.
  2. The Tecalemit Oval Gear FMOG Meter, with pulse out capability, has been the go to choice for these needs.
  3. The FMT3 Meter that typically comes with the DEF kit, will need to be pulled out and in its place, you will secure the FMOG DEF Pulse meter.
  4. Both of these meters have a 1” male BSP connection, so the swap should be straight forward.
  5. The FMOG DEF pulse meter has a 100:1 single channel pulse output with three wires: power, ground, and signal.
  6. Have your installer read the manual in detail to understand where these wires will need to go onto your Cardlock electrical board.


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