TECALEMIT’s Truck Belly Box – We Love to Create

TECALEMIT's Truck Belly Box

TECALEMIT’s Truck Belly Box

We Love to Create

TECALEMIT’s Special Services & Projects division is ready to get you back on the road quickly, safely, and with the reliability you expect from TECALEMIT. Today’s industry landscape is giving us all many challenges. From lack of parts to higher costs, lack of personnel, and many other problems; we understand that maintaining and keeping your pump systems running smoothly is a priority so that you can keep your customers satisfied.

Pump systems are our specialty, so when it comes to tank truck belly box repairs, upgrades, or completely refurbishing your truck box pump systems, no one has a more well-rounded offering than TECALEMIT. Our technicians have over 10 years’ experience in the DEF, lube oil, and diesel fuel bulk transfer industry, building new systems, and upgrading existing ones. If your truck boxes, trailer, mobile skid, or anything else requires maintenance, we are here for you! We have many accessories to get the job done, including meters, pumps, hoses, filters, and in-stock fittings to get the job done.

What can we help you create today?

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