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Specialty Transfer Systems

TECALEMIT’s Specialty Transfer Systems

We Use the Best Products for Your Builds

When you receive your diesel Roth tank build, you always receive the best we have to offer. Among those products included in your turnkey system is the FMT 3 flow meter.

The FMT 3 DEF meter features a symmetric measurement chamber allowing the device to be used with all flow directions. In addition, it also features a larger, LED illuminated display that can be mounted to fit any viewing angle, or moved about even after being installed. It can also be freely rotated in 90 degree increments, even after installation, as well. Furthermore, users have the ability to separate the main body from the main chamber, leaving just the inner tube of the meter. This is especially helpful for any future maintenance since it allows the user to replace just the LCD display, work on the existing line, or perform any future expansions easily.

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