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Specialty Transfer Systems

TECALEMIT’s Specialty Transfer Systems

High Speed Process Water Pumps

Over the years, TECALEMIT has been part of some amazing projects. We don’t always talk about our projects, because some of them are very niche, but we wanted to share this exciting ultra-flow project we had a few years ago. Our customer approached us, asking us to create a system that would transfer process water at a rate of 250 GPMs; we began work on this project by first understanding the application.

Process water is water that is used for a variety of manufacturing processes, including boiler make-up water, cooling tower make-up water, coating and plating, rinsing and spraying, washing, and more. It is even used during drilling to lubricate and cool the drill and remove drilling mud and rock debris, which was what this particular customer needed it for. For hydraulic fracturing operations, water is mixed with chemicals that improve its ability to create fractures in the rock, and with sand to hold the fractures open and allow oil or gas to flow into the well.

Just like with other systems we build for DEF, lube oils, diesel, or other fluids, speed and efficiency were the core of this process water project. The skid or truck box can consist of an ultra-fast and reliable pump at the heart of the package with accessories added to support it. Presettable systems can be brought into play to give you added automation when you are discharging.

These are the specialty transfer systems that excite all of us, because it caters to our own lineage of pushing the envelop to give you more! If moving process water quickly and reliably is something you are looking to improve, let us build your specialty transfer system today!

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