TECALEMIT’s Self-Priming Pump – The Hornet W85 for DEF & Diesel

TECALEMIT’s Self-Priming Pump

The Hornet W85 for DEF & Diesel

What is self-priming?

A pump that “primes” itself is a type of pump that can create a vacuum to draw fluid into the chamber and expel air. This type of pump is useful for applications where it must be located above the fluid level, or where the pump needs to operate intermittently.

Self-priming pumps work by using a recirculation mechanism to create a vacuum in the pump casing. When started, the impeller rotates and creates a low-pressure zone at the inlet port. This low-pressure zone allows the air and fluid to be drawn into the pump, and the recirculation mechanism then expels the air from the pump casing. Once the air has been expelled, the pump is primed and can continue to operate normally.

The Hornet W85

TECALEMIT’s self-priming pump, the Hornet W85, is a staple in many of our builds for diesel and DEF for several reasons: they are versatile, easy to install, and require less maintenance than other types of pumps. They are a reliable and cost-effective solution for many pumping applications. They also have a continuous duty cycle, meaning no cooldown periods are necessary, which means that the likelihood of the pump becoming burned out is lower.

Our pump is workhorse!

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