TECALEMIT’s PRO-6000 Advanced High Flow Transfer System

High Flow Transfer

TECALEMIT’s PRO-6000 Advanced High Flow Transfer System

2022 was the year where high flow transfer systems kicked into high gear (pun intended)!

The ‘normal’ standard 50-75 GPM systems saw a demand in advancement, which included smart meters as well as a thirst for higher flow rates. These new flow rates pushed these systems to 100-150 GPM standard, for the sole purpose of saving more time without sacrificing reliability. Portable delivery systems took off, largely due to a need to serve more customers over the road. From Lube Oil, Fuel, and DEF packages, to the imagination of building mobile loading rack systems, this was the year of faster systems, which in turn offered more efficiency and better reliability.

We are appreciative for the opportunities given this past year, thank you!

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