TECALEMIT’s Oil Tank Packages – How are they outfitted?

TECALEMIT's Oil Tank Packages

TECALEMIT’s Oil Tank Packages

How are they outfitted?

Each of TECALEMIT’s OilPRO Mini+ packages comes built on a Roth tank base. Although it is generally outfitted like some others on the market, our packages are unique because we keep the parts in our warehouse. When you order a package from us, we are able to start building it almost immediately, without any downtime for part delivery or ordering. This means that within days we are able to create your package and have it on its way to you!

We equip each OilPRO Mini+ package with:

  • PK pump (3:1 or 5:1)
  • Fill cap
  • Level gauge
  • Vent

And of course, a hose reel is included with each package. All of our packages are customizable for your needs and each is turnkey and ready to go as soon as it arrives to you. No assembly required! Have questions? Ready to get your package started? Email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com or chat with us online today!

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