TECALEMIT’s New OilPRO Mini+ oil tank package is here!

TECALEMIT’s New OilPRO Mini+ oil tank package is here!

It’s here! The new OilPRO Mini+ is joining Tecalemit’s lineup of reliable storage solutions!

Featuring double wall construction, a leakproof outer tank, weld-free galvanized steel, and a smaller footprint than traditional tank options, the OilPRO Mini+ is an ideal solution for tight spaces. The double wall design of the OilPRO Mini+ makes it one of the safest and most reliable setups on the market, with a focus on being eco friendly as well. The outer tank is weld-free with roll-seamed edges and an oil and fire resistant seal. The interior tank is blow-molded with HDPE that is seamless and leakproof. TECALEMIT’s focus is to maintain the best overall out-of-box experience, and the OilPRO Mini+ is no exception. It comes with a generous 30 year limited warranty. The OilPRO Mini+ package includes a 50 foot hose reel, your choice of a digital metered nozzle or a presetable digital metered nozzle, and your choice of a 3:1 or 5:1 pump.

Visit our page for more information about the OilPRO Mini+!

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