TECALEMIT’s Mobile Oil High Flow System – Don’t Trip!

TECALEMIT's Mobile Oil High Flow System

TECALEMIT’s Mobile Oil High Flow System

Don’t Trip…

…Your breakers!

With TECALEMIT’s PRO-5000 for oil, you never have to worry about tripping breakers on startup. This unit features a start-up amperage of less than 20 amps, well below the limit of most breakers.

Simply roll your mobile dolly to where you need it and plug in to any available outlet and go! These units are designed for bulk-to-tote, tote-to-tote or bulk dispensing, and are great for use in a pinch. Throw them in the back of your truck to run out to a site for a quick job or emergency – simplicity and robustness is at the heart of these complete systems to keep you going without any problems. That’s our TECALEMIT Standard: working for you to help your business flow smoothly!

Questions? Need a dolly package? Email us at  sales@tecalemitusa.com or click the chat button in the bottom right corner!

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